Our team


Graduate Students


Wessam Neweshy

Fate of phosphorus in lakes undergoing geoengineering treatments

2019-now, PhD Chemistry, ULaval
2015-2018, MSc Marine Geosciences, University of Bremen, Germany
2009-2013, BSc Geology, University of Cairo, Egypt


Marianne Côté

Modeling fish oxythermal and optical habitats in boreal lakes

2019-now, MSc Chemistry, ULaval
2017-2018, Bio-informatics, ULaval
2015-2017, BSc Biology, UQAR

leclerc 2019

Émilie Leclerc

Arsenic mobility in sub-artic lake sediments impacted by mining activities

2018-now, MSc Chemistry, ULaval
2015-2018, BSc Chemistry, ULaval

Igor Markelov2

Igor Markelov

Modelling biogeochemical dynamics in porous media

2015-now, PhD Ecohydrology Group, University of Waterloo.

Undergraduate research assistants


Sarah-Michèle Cormier

Sedimentary geochemistry

2016-now, BSc Chemistry, ULaval


Julien Bellavance

Lake modelling, ISI-MIP  Lake Sector

2018-now, BSc IT, ULaval
2015-2017, BSc Chemistry, ULaval


Marie Rheault-Leclair 

Oxygen dynamics in lakes

2016-now, BSc Chemistry, ULaval

Visiting scientists


Rachel Pilla

March-May 2019, PhD Biology, Global Change Limnology Group, Miami University. @rmpilla


Dr. Kateri Salk

June 2018, Postdoc, Environmental Geochemistry Group, University of Waterloo. @KateriSalk 


Nicolas Messina

October 2018, MSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maine.