Research Projects

Currently Funded Research

Last Ice Microbiomes and Arctic Ecosystem Health
Funding: Sentinel North, 2020-2025

Chaire de recherche Sentinelle Nord en Géochimie des milieux aquatiques
Funding: Canada First Excellence Research Funds, Sentinel North, 2018-2024

Lake biogeochemical dynamics: the conveyor belt between physics and biology
Funding: Discovery, and Discovery Northern Supplement, NSERC, 2019-2024

Ecosystems - Snow - ClimAte - PErmafrost feedbacks - 3 (ESCAPe-Arctic 3)
Funding: Institut Polaire Français - Paul-Émile Victor, 2020-2024

Formbloom : Forecasting tools and Mitigation options for diverse BLOOM-affected lakes
Funding: Canada First Excellence Research Funds, Global Water Future, 2021-2024

Changing Carbon Sinks in Subarctic Canada
Funding: Advancing climate change science in Canada, NSERC, 2019-2023

Impacts des changements climatiques et du brunissement des eaux sur l'habitat oxythermique des salmonidés et les émissions de gaz à effet de serre en régions arctiques
Funding: Institut Nordique du Québec (INQ) and Sentinel North, 2020-2023

Centre d'études nordiques (CEN)
Funding: Fonds de Recherche du Québec Nature et technologies (FRQNT), 2022-2028

Past projects

Nunataryuk international permafrost research project
Funding: EU Horizon 2020 and ArcticNet, 2019-2022

Étude du devenir des complexes de phosphore-lanthane dans les sédiments du Lac Bromont
Funding: Ministère de l'économie et de l'innovation, 2019-2021

Carbon pool fingerprinting along gradients (Carpool)
Funding:  John-R.-Evans Leader Funds, 2019-2021

Integration of climate seasonal prediction and ecosystem impact modeling for an efficient adaptation of water management to climate extreme events
Funding: European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS), 2017-2021

Legacy phosphorus in lake sediment - the last hurdle to oversome for sustainable lake restoration
Funding: Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences, and Spatial Planning (Formas), 2016-2020

Sub-Arctic Metal Mobility Study (SAMMS)
Funding: Canada First Excellence Research Funds, Global Water Future, 2017-2020

Predicting lake responses to changes using near real-time models
Funding: Joint-Program Initiative (JPI) WaterWorks 2014 ERA-NET, 2016-2019

An open access ePlatform for model-building at the river basin scale
Funding: Nordforsk, Nordic eScience Globalisation Initiative (NeGI), 2015-2018

Lakes in Transition
Funding: Norwegian Research Council, 2015-2018